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A party bus (also known as a party ride, limo bus, limousine bus, party van, or luxury bus) is a large motor vehicle usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to carry 10 or more people for recreational purposes. Party buses can often include music systems, on board bars and dancing poles.

 1*  Decide when you’ll rent the Party Bus. Sunday through Thursday are typically the least expensive days, while Fridays and Saturdays most Party Bus companies have hourly minimums.

Events you may want to hire a Party Bus for include weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, nights out or day trips, city or wine tours, concerts, A to B transfers, proms, client meetings

and special events.

2* Determine how many people will be riding in the Party Bus. Most  companies offer 10 to 32 passenger vehicles.

If someone in your party has special needs and requires a car seat or handicap access, make sure to arrange for these details ahead of time.

3* Make sure you’ll have enough room. You’ll be more comfortable with extra room rather than filling the Party Bus to its maximum seating capacity. People are different sizes, so as a rule of thumb you’re better off getting a bus with seating capacity for two more spots than you intend to fill.

For example, if you have four people in your party, opt for a sixteen passengers Party Bus

Try to book a vehicle that has room for at least one to two last minute extra people than are in your party, just in case.


4*  Look for a Party Bus Rental company. Once you know what you want, call a selection of companies and obtain written quotes for your event. Find a Party Bus service that has a good record of customer satisfaction. Look for comments indicating that the service was friendly, professional, and showed up on time.

Reserve the Party Bus early, especially for big events. For wedding  it is advisable to book six to twelve months in advance. For other events like proms it is best to book a few months in advance.

Be sure to inquire about limitations around food, drink, or smoking.

5* Find out what is and isn’t included. You don’t want to end up with a bill that’s far higher than you expected, so gather details ahead of time. Ask if there are mileage charges, and if so, what they are.

Try asking, “Does my time begin at pickup or when the bus leaves your location?”

Make sure that you know the location of the limo company. Some might charge drive time if they are more than 30 minutes away.

Find out if a tip is included in the quote or separate.

party bus boston
party bus boston

Make sure to specifically ask, “Does this price cover everything?”

6*  Find out how you will pay. Ask about a deposit: Party Bus companies generally ask for a deposit of 20 to 50 percent down. If they’re asking for more than 50%, you should be wary and will probably want to look elsewhere.

Get confirmation of your booking in writing including their written policy on cancellation and written confirmation that the limousine company will not subcontract or ‘farm out’ your booking.

Ask how the remainder of the balance will be paid, For example, will it come off of your credit card or will it be due via cash or charge at the end of the event.

It’s generally a good idea to contact your Party Bus service provider on the last week before the event to ensure your booking is confirmed, including the routing and the name and cell number of the driver.

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party bus boston
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